Your Safari start page, or homepage, is the page that loads whenever you start Safari. In Mac OS X you can easily set or change Safari homepage of your choice. Generally, by default the homepage in Safari is set to Apple start page or Apple website. In other case if you think that your homepage is suddenly changed so that could be possible that you might have installed some software which changed the homepage with your permission while installing it or there are adwares installed in your Mac or some extensions you installed have changed it. But in case it is not the adwares which has caused the change, you can easily change Safari Homepage.

Set Or Change Safari Homepage

Choosing a homepage is one of the way to make internet browsing simpler. You can easily set or change the Safari homepage according to your choice and use. You can change this page to whatever you’d like, but if you have an adware infection it may keep getting reset. Below are the steps to set or change Safari homepage in Mac OSX.

1) Open Safari. Click on Safari option at the top left and select Preference.

change safari homepage

2) Select General at the top tab in Preferences window. There you will see couple of options.

Safari opens with: Here you can choose what to happen when safari opens. The options are A new window, A new private window and All windows from last session. Select A new window.
New window opens with: In this option you can choose what a new window opens with. The options are Favorites, Homepage, Empty Page, Same Page. Select Homepage options. You can also select Empty page or Favorites according to your choice.
New tabs open with: Here you can choose what to happen when you open new tab. If you want Homepage to show when you open new tab then select that options or you can also select Empty Page or Favorites.
Homepage: In this option you can enter the web address of the website you want to set as homepage like or and then close the window.

change safari homepage

If you don’t know the web address of the website you want to be set as homepage or the web address is very long then either you can copy the web address and paste in Homepage section or you can first close all open tabs in Safari and go that particular page or website that needed to be homepage then follow the above steps and below Homepage section click on Set to Current Page.

3) Click on Safari at the top left and select Quit. Wait till the safari is closed and then reopen Safari.

This is how you can set or change Safari Homepage. If still your homepage is not getting changed then there could be some adware installed which is causing the problem. If this is the case, you can try manually removing the adware so that you can regain your control. If you like this article please share it on social networks and Subscribe to Tech Blog Out to get Tech advise and Tips & Tricks directly in your e-mail. Don’t forget to rate this article. You can also email me at for any other assistance or feedback.