Some important Facebook settings and features. Nowadays it’s really difficult to find a person who don’t have Facebook account. These Social Media have made our life very easier. We can communicate and stay in touch with each other easily. Particularly with Facebook, we can see news, whats happening around, what other friends are doing. You can also share your activity and let your friends know about your whereabouts. With billions of people using Facebook, few of them know all the useful and important Facebook settings or features. These useful Facebook features can help you in many ways.

Important Facebook Settings And Features To Use

With growing popularity of Facebook and other Social Networks, it’s difficult to stay away from it. With Facebook you share some important information which can be publicly displayed if you miss some of the settings. Whether that be your privacy or security of your Facebook account, you should check all the important settings. Let’s check some of the important Facebook settings and features you should use. These Facebook settings can make your life more easier on the social network and save your time.

Read Hidden Messages

Very few users know that Facebook has two inboxes for messages. One is for your friends on FB to send you direct messages or on Messenger. Other one is to store messages from people who aren’t yet your friend on Facebook. If you’ve been a Facebook user for a while, then you probably have a folder full of unread messages. If you didn’t know about the second mailbox, then you most likely have missed invitations to different events by your friend’s friends, or invite from pages or groups. The hidden inbox in Facebook can also be filled with spams.

To check and review these messages, go to Or click on Messenger below your profile picture in Facebook home page. It will open web messenger and will display your recent messages. Click on Settings or Gear Icon at the top left and select Message Requests.  That will display all the hidden Facebook messages, including messages from unknown sender. You can go through all of those messages and you can also accept or Ignore them. The sender of these messages will not see that you’ve read their messages until you accept. You can also click on See Filtered Requests to display all other messages or invites from some groups or pages.

Facebook Message Settings        Facebook Filtered Messages

Check Where And When You Were Logged In

If you have any doubts that someone is logged into your Facebook account without your permission, you can easily find out. Also, at times when you can’t remember if you signed out of your Facebook account on your friend’s computer, with this important Facebook settings you can easily logout. This Facebook setting is also useful to check weather someone is snooping in your account or not.

First login to your Facebook account and go to Settings ( In Settings page click on Security, then on Where You’re Logged In. There you will find your active Facebook logins both from desktop and mobile devices. You can find all the login data like location, browsers and device. If you hover the pointer over given location, you can also check the IP address of the device. If you notice any unfamiliar devices or locations, click ‘End Activity’ to end the session. Also, you can also click on ‘End All Activity’ to log out from all the devices.

Trusted Accounts For Your Facebook Account

Trusted Contacts are your Facebook friends who can help you to access your account in case your account is locked. You can also use your Facebook ‘Trusted Contacts’ in case you are having trouble accessing your account. For example, if you forget your password or lose your mobile device or a person breaks in and decides to lock you out, you can use your Trusted Contacts to get your Facebook account back. You’ll need to choose between three and five Facebook friends as your trusted contacts.

How to set Facebook Trusted Contacts?

Navigate to Facebook Settings and then click on Security. Then click on Your Trusted Contacts. There you can select three to five of your Facebook friends as Trusted Contacts and save it. You can change or edit your Facebook trusted contacts any time.

See Friendship

If you want to look back at your old photos, posts or old conversation with your best friend, you can do that easily using this important Facebook settings. It’s very time consuming to go through scrolling through endless posts and photos on your friends profile. Using See Friendship feature of Facebook, it’s as easy as going to your friend profile. Open your friend’s profile and click on More icon (three dots at the bottom right of cover photo) and select See Friendship. Everything you both have shared will pop up. You can also check any two person’s friendship, go to[user name of first person]/[username of second person]

Save Posts For Later

Facebook is full of information, whether it’s your friends activity or any news or any other information. If you don’t have much time to read any posts, you can easily save that post to check later. Facebook offers a function that allows you to save interesting posts, video, photos or links. So that when you have time later on you can easily find that post and check it.

Click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the post you like to save. Then tap on ‘Save Post’ or ‘Save link’. You can view saved materials on the ‘Saved’ tab located on the left panel of your home page.

Save posts Important Facebook Settings

Recall Your Past Times On Facebook

If you feel like checking old activities, Facebook allows you to see all your past activity. You can have opportunity to see posts or photos or videos or links you have ever liked, commented or shared or posted. There are two ways you can see your ‘Activity Log’. Click on small downwards arrow on your Facebook homepage and click on Activity Log in the drop down link. You can also go to your profile page and at the bottom right of your cover photo you will see ‘View Activity Log’.

How Your Facebook Profile Looks To Others

If you eager to know how your Facebook profile looks like to other people, Facebook have solution for you. Go to your profile page and click on More Icon (three horizontal dots), which is beside View Activity Log. Then select ‘View as’. Now your profile page will switch and at the top you can select options like how it looks like to Public or any specific Person. Click on View as any Specific person and enter the name of your friend and you can see  that friend sees your profile.

How To Setup Legacy Contacts

We human beings are mortal, we all die one day. Ever wonder what will happens to your Facebook account after you die? If you haven’t chosen any ‘Legacy Contact’ and if no one does any thing with it, then it just exists in limbo. But if you want your profile to be active even after you die, Facebook have solution for you. Facebook has created a settings which allows you to choose a friend as Legacy Contact, who will manage your account after you pass away.

Unfollow OR Unfriend

Facebook is full of information of many types. People share different types of things of their Facebook profile. You may like or dislike the posts your friends are sharing. If you get annoyed with the posts of your friend, unfollowing would be a better idea than unfriending. Unfollowing your friend will stop all their posts from appearing in your Facebook timeline. He might get hurt when you unfriend but they won’t know they have been unfollowed. Go to your friends profile you want to unfollow. Move your cursor over ‘Following’ which is at bottom left of their cover photo. In the drop down menu you will see ‘Unfollow’ followed by your friends name. Click on it and you will no longer see any posts from that friend in your Timeline. This feature is also accessible by clicking the little arrow in the top-right corner of their post and selecting ‘Unfollow (your friend’s name)’.

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