Are you tired of applications launching automatically when you start your Mac? Is your Mac starting very slow? Then it’s time to disable Mac Startup Programs. Specially all those unwanted third party apps which adds them self automatically to your Mac startup program.

What are startup items?

Startup items are applications, services and other add-ons that launch every time you start your Mac  besides OSX. Startup programs are also called Login Items. Some of these applications adds them self to login items automatically. This results in opening of  bunch of applications every time you start your Mac.

Such items can increase your Mac’s startup time and decrease its performance. That’s why it’s important to check for startup programs on a regular interval and disable or remove unwanted startup items.

Disable Mac Startup Programs Manually

There are many third party applications (mostly cleaners) who does your work of disabling startup applications from your mac. But you can make changes in login items very easily. Follow the steps below to make changes in Mac startup Programs.

enable or disable Mac startup Programs

  • Open System Preferences (Click on Apple logo at top left and then System Preferences).
  • Go to Users & Groups.
  • Select your Login account on the right.
  • Select Login Items tab.

Here you will see the list of all startup apps. Select the startup program you want to remove and then press minus (-) sign below. Then Restart your Mac to make changes.

Enable or Add Startup Program in Mac OSX

There could be some applications which you use all the time and want that to load automatically when your Mac starts. For Example Skype, iMessages, Mails, Dropbox etc. If that program is listed in the Login Items, then that app will automatically start. Else you can add any particular app by pressing plus (+) sign and selecting the desired app. Then restart your Mac to make the changes.

How to clear unwanted startup programs from Mac Using CCleaner?

You can also use third party cleaners to make any changes to Login Items of your Mac. One of those applications is CCleaner. The CCleaner is one of the best Cleaning Softwares designed for Mac. It can also be used for cleaning your mac thoroughly. Which includes cleaning the browsing history, including caches and cookies, System Temporary Files, Items in Trash, Junk Files ETC.

To disable Mac startup programs using CCleaner, first download CCleaner and install it on your Mac. Now, open it and select Tools from the left section. Then click on Startup and you will see the list of startup items. You then make necessary changes there according to your choice. Either disable the Startup items or enable them.


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