The Mozilla Firefox, like other web browsers lets you have complete control to customize your preferences. This includes setting the home page, startup settings, new tab settings, customization bookmarks, fonts and other settings. If you want to check your home page click on home icon or restart Mozilla Firefox depending on your settings. Fortunately changing your home page doesn’t require much technical expertise. Follow instructions to change Mozilla Firefox home page. Recommended: How To Backup Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks?

Some third-party software providers might change Firefox’s shortcut so that the browser always opens their page. To prevent this from happening, make sure you decline any options to set your site preferences when installing or updating a third-party application.

Step by step guide to change Mozilla Firefox home page

1) Open Firefox and click the Menu Button (three horizontal line stacked one over another at top right) and select Option. Or in the address bar type about:preferences

change mozilla firefox home page

2) That will open preference or setting window. Make sure General tab is selected and in Startup section look for When Firefox Starts and Homepage.

change mozilla firefox home page

3) From the drop-down menu of When Firefox starts you can choose to have Firefox show home page, show a blank page on startup or show all of your windows and tabs from your previous session. Select Show my home page and in Home page section enter the URL of website you want to be home page. (You can also set multiple pages as your home page: Open each page in a separate tab and click on Use Current Pages). If you want to reset Firefox Settings to default How To Reset Mozilla Firefox Settings?

Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you’ve made will automatically be saved. Restart the Firefox. This is how you change Mozilla Firefox home page. If you like this article please share it on social networks and Subscribe to Tech Blog Out to get Tech advise and Tips & Tricks directly in your e-mail. Don’t forget to rate this article.