Browser hijacker is one of the Ad-wares or Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) which can change settings of your web browser and might track your browsing history or cache. (Read: What are Cookies and Cache?). They are also called “Browser Redirect Virus” as it redirects you to some other website when you search on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Some browser hijackers also contain spyware, for example, some install a software key-logger to gather information such as banking and e-mail details. To prevent your browser from getting attacked from these browser Hijackers or to detect as early as possible, here is browser hijackers list and their symptoms.

Browser Hijackers List

This Browser Hijackers List is not complete, but covers all the major Browser Hijackers which can infect your Computer. As these browser hijacker get updates and renamed. Read: What are Browser Hijackers?

Babylon Toolbar

Babylon Toolbar is a browser hijacker that will change the browser homepage and set the default search engine to It is also a form of which displays advertisements, sponsored links, and spurious paid search results. The program will collect search terms from your search queries. Babylon’s translation software prompts to add the Babylon Toolbar on installation. The toolbar also comes bundled as an add-on with other software downloads. Search

This a browser hijacker which will set the browser homepage and default search engine to It is also a form of adware which displays advertisements, sponsored links, and spurious paid search results. The program will collect search terms from user search queries. It installs a Windows Service and runs on Windows start up.

Conduit Search (Search Protect)

Conduit is a potentially dangerous browser virus which steals personal and confidential information from the user and transfers it to a third party. This toolbar has been identified as Potentially Unwanted Programs by Malwarebytes and is typically bundled with other free downloads. These toolbars modify the browser’s default search engine, homepage, new tab page, and several other browser settings.
It claims to protect browser settings but actually blocks all attempts to manipulate a browser through the settings page; in other words, it makes sure the malicious settings remain unchanged.        browser hijackers list


This was one of the first browser hijackers. It redirected the existing home page to the rogue CWS search engine, with its results as sponsored links. With most antivirus and antispyware programs unable to properly remove this particular hijacker, a man named Merijn Bellekom developed a special tool called CWShredder specifically to remove this kind of hijacker. CoolWebSearch is a popular browser hijacker and is owned by fun web products.

Coupon Server

Coupon Server is an adware program bundled with multiple apps that are downloaded from the Internet by users. This program may appear on PCs without a user’s knowledge. Coupon Server may appear to be useful, but can be intrusive and display ads without users’ permissions. Coupon Server is also considered as a malicious domain and browser hijack. It will hijack your Internet browser and forcibly lead a user to its homepage, which is disguised as a legitimate search engine to fool visitors and benefit its website. It will direct the browser to a suspicious domain, alter browser settings and finally take over the whole browser.

Delta Search and Claro Search

Delta and Claro are programs that each offer a free search engine and toolbar often bundled with free downloads. These browser hijackers will redirect all searches to their own engines, to gain revenue. Automated tools are able to remove Delta, Claro, and their files, but the changes to the homepage and default search engine have to be reverted manually.


The ad-triggering software called GoSave is being reported to cause user experience issues because of its intrusive characteristics. The victim is not appropriately informed at installation, and ads are inserted into pages on the web. It adds a plugin or extension to whichever one of the prevalent web browsers is used. It is currently compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The name of the troublemaking add-on is not necessarily “GoSave” – it varies, and might be GS Booster, GS Sustainer or something else.     browser hijackers list


Mixi.DJ offers a media player, but also a free toolbar and Conduit-based search engine, the toolbar being the one which they will prompt to add during installation. The toolbar is a new hijacker that alters a browser’s homepage. It also adds itself to the computer’s registry, creates strings in the memory, and changes the icon on Internet Explorer to a magnifying glass.


The main problem with is that this browser hijacker might look like a genuine search provider, and some users may not even realize they are infected. However, one of the best ways to determine whether something is wrong or not, is to check for commercial advertisements and various pop-ups. The presence of an adware application you are not familiar with is the first sign that something might not be right. Hence, if you see a lot of pop-ups and other types of advertisements on your search results page, check whether your default search engine is or not.

MyStart.IncrediBar Search

MyStart.Incredibar Search (Mystart Search IncrediBar, MyStart toolbar, MyStart Search, IncrediBar, IncrediBar Games-EN) is a very dangerous Internet browser hijacker, virus, and spyware that often comes embedded with many download applications and installers. It is known to install itself into Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome. Symptoms range from no symptoms at all (simple processor drainage) to complete system crashes so severe that the victim has to re-install their entire operating system.   browser hijackers list

MyStart uses browser helper objects (in this case search tools) and infects some users by installing MyStart search toolbar into their browser (Firefox is most vulnerable) which redirects internet users to MyStart’s websites, in particular. Some Internet users report that they are redirected for every search or webpage they visit.

Nation Zoom

Nation Zoom is a browser hijacker that changes a browser’s home page to and default search provider to


Onewebsearch, referred to as the onewebsearch virus, or redirection virus is malware, categorized as a browser hijacker. Onewebsearch utilizes browser hijackers and black-hat techniques to infect a computer system and attach add-ons, extensions, and toolbars to popular internet browsers without permission, which in turn causes internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer to redirect to, search-, home-, or, related web pages, and third party domain names. is a browser hijacker that alters a browser’s homepage and default search engine. It can also slow down the victim’s PC and prevent many programs from running.It keeps you redirecting to some unwanted web sites which includes adware.


RocketTab is a browser hijacker that runs as a program and browser plugin. It embeds its own search results from RocketTab when you search with other providers. RocketTab sets itself as a proxy and runs all http and https traffic through itself, it is known to create problems for security applications. Uninstalling the application removes the proxy, the targeted ads and search results RocketTab provides.    browser hijackers list


Searchassist is a browser hijacker which piggybacks on other downloads from untrusted websites. It will change the new tab homepage to and opens searchassist on browser start-up. It is stubborn, and if not uninstalled, will repeatedly change the browser tabs and homepage settings. It is works with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It is compatible with only Windows and Linux. It can be detected by ADWcleaner, Spyhunter, and Malwarebytes. It is also known to slow down computer performance and cause the blue screen of death (BSOD), a screen that causes the computer to restart because of the viruses that come with searchassist. is a hijacker that may be downloaded by the Zlob trojan. It redirects the user’s searches to pornography sites. It is also known to slow down computer performance.    browser hijackers list is a browser hijacker that replaces users home page, new tab page and default search engine. The program is advertised as a browser add-on that is supposed to help customize tabs and protect browsers from being affected by other is associated with malware distribution. The website display a banner ad just below the search box. Most often, this will offer you to play some flash games. (can also be found as Search-Gol) is a search engine, which may show up on the infected computer instead of the user’s default search engine. The cause of it getting onto the homepage is unknown, and it is known for downloading malware onto the computer. It replaces the default homepage for no reason and without the user’s permission. Numerous antivirus websites and blogs say that searchgol is a virus, but it is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) because it sneaks inside the system in a bundle with other programs and initiates some changes on the system without the user’s permission. Removing Searchgol is not easy, as the victim must perform a browser restore, before removing programs related or downloaded by the browser hijacker.    browser hijackers list (Smartbar developed by Resoft) is potential malware, categorized as a browser hijacker and spyware, that causes Internet browsers to redirect to the search engine. Snap.Do can be manually downloaded from the Resoft website, though it can be concluded that many users are entrapped by their unethical terms. It affects Windows and can be removed through the Add/Remove program menu regularly. Snap.Do also can download many malicious toolbars, add-ons, and plug-ins like DVDVideoSoftTB, General Crawler, and Save Valet.
General Crawler, installed by, has been known to use a backdoor process because it re-installs and re-enables itself every time an affected user removes it through their browser(s). will disable the option to even change your homepage and default search engine.    browser hijackers list


Trovi is a browser hijacker like search protect by conduit but a different brand that, according to a report from an anonymous user, can be found while installing Cheat Engine. It is reported to serve many ads, and hijacks the most common browsers’ homepage. Manual removal is simple because in safe mode, there is no protection on the Trovi files which can easily be removed from the computer along with fixing browser settings.     browser hijackers list


Tuvaro (can also be found as is a browser hijacker that can take over the home page and search engine provider of the infected web browsers. There are many methods that Tuvaro employs to spread into the targeted computers. It can get inside a computer secretly and change (and lock) a browser’s home page and search engine provider without the user’s awareness.

TV Wizard

TV Wizard (by Injekt) is an Internet toolbar/plugin (for Internet Explorer it runs as a BHO, in Chrome and Firefox it will run as an extension) that plugs into the user’s default web browser and will modify a number of settings such as taking control of the browser’s search and home pages, new tab functionality as well as DNS ‘not found’ redirection. Additionally TV Wizard will change some security settings of the browser that might also lower the overall security of the user’s PC. This is done in order to allow the program to run uninterrupted. Should the user attempt to uninstall TV Wizard using the standard methods in Add/Remove Programs, only parts of this PUP will be uninstalled and some items such as the modified search and home pages may still point to an unwanted web page. Also to note as disclosed in the privacy policy, the program will track and report behaviors of the user while the plugin is installed including but not limited to the URLs and web pages the user visits as well as search terms and search results the user queries.

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