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How To Enable Or Disable Mac Startup Programs?

Are you tired of applications launching automatically when you start your Mac? Is your Mac starting very slow? Then it’s time to disable Mac Startup Programs. Specially all those unwanted third party apps which adds them self automatically to your Mac startup program. What are startup items? Startup items are applications, services and other add-ons that launch every time you start your Mac  besides OSX. Startup programs are also called Login Items. Some of these applications adds them self to login items automatically. This results in opening of  bunch of applications every time you start your Mac. Such items...

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A Comprehensive Guide on Ransomware Protection, Prevention and Removal

Ransomware is one of the world’s fastest growing types of Malware and it is as scary as it sounds. While initially popular in Russia, the use of ransomware scams has grown internationally. Ransomware, which demands payment after launching a cyber attack, has become a rising trend among hackers looking for a quick payout. The malware attack puts you in a sticky situation, so it’s important to know about ransomware protection and how to avoid it. All i One Protection for your PC. Buy Malwarebytes 3.0 for $39.99 for 1 PC 1 Year and $79.98 $59.99 for 2 PC 1 Year. Buy...

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How To Enable or Disable Windows Startup Programs?

It’s more than Just Anti-Virus. It starts where your regular Anti-Virus ends. Protect your PC from Online Threats. Use Malwarebytes 3.0 for $39.99 for 1 PC 1 Year and $79.98 $59.99 for 2 PC 1 Year. Buy Now If your Windows computer is taking time to boot, it’s time to disable Windows startup programs and boost start up time. Windows boot time is gradually getting better with every new version of Windows. From booting up within a couple of minutes (Windows XP) to booting up in seconds. Windows 10 boot time is better than ever. Windows boot time not only...

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How To Secure WhatsApp Account & Prevent Hacking?

WhatsApp is a great and very popular messaging App with over a billion users worldwide. The safety and security of your WhatsApp account and messages is very important. It is very very difficult for hackers to directly hack into WhatsApp servers. Even if they are able to do so, they won’t find any of your messages there. Because the messages you sent is not stored on WhatsApp server once it is delivered. So here we have discussed here how you can secure WhatsApp account and prevent it’s hacking. How your WhatsApp could possible be hacked? To secure WhatsApp account...

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How To Check Hidden Facebook Message Requests?

This Content is Locked. Subscribe Below To Unlock It. With over a billion users worldwide, Facebook is the leading social networking site in the world. Facebook being so popular and diverse, have many settings and features of which many people are not aware of. One of these feature is the hidden Facebook message requests. Only a few users know about this hidden message box in Facebook. If you are using Facebook for some time then you might have a folder full of unread messages. This folder where your hidden Facebook messages are stored is called Message Requests. And you can...

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