Google is the most popular and most widely used search engine. Most of us use Google search almost everyday or every time you want something from internet. But most people don’t realize how much more powerful they can make their Google searches with just a few simple tweaks. If you want to become a power user and fine-tune your search results in order to find the information you’re looking for as quickly as possible, there are some great useful Google Search tricks that you’ll want to remember.

Useful Google Search Tricks

Following are the list of some of the best useful Google search tricks you can use to make your life easier on computers.

1) Definition/Meaning of a particular word.

While browsing internet, if you came across any words which is not familiar to you and you don’t know the definition or meaning of that word. Don’t worry Google search will help you. Just type “Define” followed by the word or “the word” then meaning and Google will show you the perfect definition, synonyms, origin of the word and also a translation option. The search results also gives you the correct pronunciation of the word through voice. Very useful Google search trick to get the meaning of any word quickly.

useful google search tricks

2) Set a timer

If you want to complete a task in a certain time frame and you don’t have a timer don’t worry, you can set a timer in Google. Just type “Set timer” followed by the time span you want. For example if you want to set a timer for 15 minutes, type “ Set timer 15 minutes” in the Google search bar. A clock will automatically start ticking and an alarm will let you know when the time is finished. Furthermore, the Google stopwatch is customizable which includes the options like- ‘reset’, ‘stop’ and ‘audio feature’. You can also switch to Stop Watch feature in same window. Check the image.

useful google search tricks

3) Do Maths

One of the other useful Google search tricks is using calculator. You will get a lot of help from Google when you are doing the metric conversions  and other calculations online. To be specific you can use the Google search box as your scientific and mathematics calculator.

useful google search tricks

4) Calculate the Dinner Tip

Another useful Google search tricks is using “Tip Calculator”. If you are in a situation when you having dinner in restaurant and you don’t know what tip you should leave on table after dinner, don’t worry; use Google tip calculator. Just type “tip calculator” in Google search bar. A tip calculator will appear on Google search. Next you have to type in your bill amount and the number of persons. Google tip calculator will give you a final amount of tip to be left on table after dinner. Tip is set to 15% as default but you can change accordingly.

useful google search tricks

5) Search within a website

If you are looking for a particular thing in any particular website, Google will help you in your searching. Just type “site:” followed by the URL of the website you’d like to search and add your search terms.
For Example if you want to search for ‘How To’ in website, all you need to do is in google bar type “ how to” and it will display the particular thing you asked for. It will only search result for website. All other search results will be removed.

useful google search tricks

6) Find songs of your favourite artists

If you want to find songs of any particular artist, simply type “Songs by” followed by your favourite artist’s name and Google will bring up the extensive list of all songs sung by that particular artist. Just click on any song and it will take you to its YouTube link. For Example if you want to find the songs of Coldplay. Type ‘songs by Coldplay’ in Google Search bar.

useful google search tricks

7) Exact Sunrise and Sunset timings

It is very easy to know the exact sunset and sunrise timings from Google. Just type ‘sunrise’ or ‘sunset’ followed by your country or city in Google search bar and Google will tell you the exact timings. Very useful Google search tricks if you are a traveller.

8) Check the weather of your City

Google does it’s best to display the weather condition of your city and it is very useful Google Search trick as well. To check the current weather conditions of your city or any particular city, just type ‘weather’ followed by the city name. For example, if you want to check the weather conditions in London, type ‘Weather London’ in the Google search bar.

useful google search tricks

9) Search images in Google

Do you know you can search images in Google just like you search with texts. You might have come across a photo or image which you don’t recognize of that looks strangely familiar? Or if you want to know where it came from? If you save the image, and then search it on Google Images (with the camera button), you’ll be able to see similar images on the web with full description. You can also use this useful Google search trick if you think that any website is getting a little bit boring and you want to find other websites like it.

useful google search tricksuseful google search tricks

10) Search Flight Status

With this useful Google search tricks you can check flight status in Google Search. Whether you flight is on time or it is delayed, Google search will be able to tell you all. Enter your flight number in search bar and hit enter to get the real-time flight status. You can also find the flights between any two destination by typing it in Google Search.

11) Exact phrase

If you want to search for a specific thing on internet, you can do that by using this useful Google search tricks. The best effective way to search for something specific is to use quote marks around a phrase or name to search for those exact words in that exact order.

12) Search for similar websites

The ‘related’ tools is very useful for finding similar sites. Searching for for instance, will bring up the websites that Google deems the most similar to the TechBlogOut. Similarly search for will bring all the websites related to shopping.

13) Exclude terms or words

Sometimes you may find yourself searching for a word with an ambiguous meaning. An example is Apple. When you Google search for Apple, you may get results for both the Apple Company and Apple fruit. If you want to cut one out, use the hyphen to tell the google search engine to ignore content with one of the other.  Just use minus (-) symbol before any word or term, it will exclude that particular terms or words. For Example ,a search for ‘Apple -fruit’ will find results for Apple Company and will exclude those results for the Apple fruits. You can also use ‘Apple -iPhone’ or ‘Apple -iPad’ to exclude iPhone and iPad respectively from search results.

14) Money and Unit Conversions

Google search can quickly and accurately convert both measurement units and currency value. There are a variety of uses for this, like checking to see the conversion rate between two currencies or any units. You can use this feature to convert from miles to km or USD to British Pound Sterling or feet to meters or from ounces to litres or any other unit. Simply, type unit conversion in Google search bar.

15) Other useful Google Search tricks

Some other useful Google search tricks are, Social tag search. If you want to search for particular a particular user on Twitter or Instagram. Add symbol “@” before the search term. Ex: @TechBlogOut.
Want to know your IP address. Just enter “IP address” in the search bar and look up your IP address instantly.